1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan shirt

1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt

Played a lot of 1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt in the past as a standard amateur with a few mediocre breaks up to 60 and I can tell you, he makes the game look so easy, and believe you me, it’s far from it. Everyone says natural talent, bullshit, he practiced like every other player but saw the game differently and practiced differently, the word is not not natural talent, the word is genius! Never see a player like him again. May not hold all the records and be his own worse enemy at times, but nobody comes close when he’s in the mood. Unbelievable to watch, good old rocket Ronnie. David Strawhorn we will never see the raw talents of Ronnie again man, a guy is just genuinely gifted! Could honestly watch him playing all day.

1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Sweater
1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Hoodie
1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Offical 1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt

Paul Proverbs what a 1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt! Shame this guy, amongst others, has put some horrendous music in the background. Disrespectful if anything. I may have tagged you in this before but the long red just above the middle pocket played with the screw for the black is disgustingly good. Along with Alex Higgins Jimmy white the most talented players to date But the most consistent Joe Davis, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry looks at the number of there world titles. I can’t believe that I’ve never seen the one-handed clip before. Also, Mark Allen waving the white flag is brilliant.

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