15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs St. Patrick’s day shirt

 They are such pitiful souls. Melany Leon Richards Paul lol clearly you’re the pitiful soul, you can learn something from the people of the Amazon. You don’t even understand how they protect the environment so clearly, you need to educate yourself. They’re not destroying this planet like we are… Gabriel Jared Garza oh John Duffy go walk the dog, or better yet, let the dog take you for a walk, you might learn something. Richards Paul Melany Leon the creator of the universe Jesus Christ is the most important thing mankind needs. However, it’s sad to say that they are laughing stack for satan now because it’s like they choose a dead tree over the true and living God almighty just like eve did before like mother like daughters right.. this is a good example in the garden of Eden.

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15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs St. Patrick’s day shirt

The tribes of the Amazon survived perfectly well for Millenia without ever having heard of the Abrahamic religions. They have fared less well since coming into contact with those who espouse those beliefs. If you believe in a higher Spirit, then that is your prerogative, but that spirit wasn’t troubled by their lifestyles clearly, for thousands of years. Given that the same spirit never speaks, then we can assume if one exists, that it is in an observational context only.

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