23 years 1997-2020 South Park the Fractured But Whole shirt

Baer started off well in his first fight with Louis, literally knocking Louis out of the ring with one of those sweeping Wilder like punches in the first round. Unfortunately for him, Joe climbed back in the ring, and proceeded to beat the hell out of him. Joe stayed on top of Baer, moving with him, and kept inside to avoid Baer’s looping power shots. That is exactly how he would beat Wilder. Baer failed to come out for the 7th round in his first fight against Louis, badly beaten. In their rematch, Louis knocked Baer out in the first round. Baer subsequently remarked, “The only way I could have beaten Louis that night was with a baseball bat.”

23 years 1997-2020 South Park the Fractured But Whole shirt

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That would not be a problem with Wilder, who has no style, and boxing fundamentals which would make a golden gloves champion weep. Wilder has no fight plan other than moving around the ring, using his long arms to fire away from a distance. Louis, a truly great boxer in his fundamentals, had enough athleticism to stay on top of Wilder, not let him swing away from a distance, and he would finish him with the same power shots he finished off Buddy Baer with. I think he has been brought along, coddled, fights fixed when needed. Malik Scott didn’t even get hit and was out for the count. Wilders supporters can’t even explain that one.

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