30th Birthday 2020 the year when shit got real #quarantined shirt

COVID 19. The more people die, the easier to control their agenda. It will be a lot easier to push mandatory vaccines on people. Wake up lady. I and my entire family had COVID 19. Of the children, the oldest was 5 and the youngest 7 months. I was the only one who suffered the most. I thank my lucky stars that I’m still earthside and so are my children. I’ve cried many times over this and I hope everyone that contracts this can recover as well. I was using other web sites that aren’t Google and different doctors not on the government payroll are saying things completely different from what we are being told.


Either way, use your best judgement in the matter but ask a lot of questions and start reading everything you can because I just feel like something else is going on here besides just a simple virus. I pray that everyone reads this will focus on mitigation and prevention next couple weeks… get your heart and lungs into the ideal shape, take known anti-vitals foods, exercise, lay off sugar and other known items that make Corona grow rapidly, no Advil or ibuprofen, etc… many many items you can do to keep yourself ideally healthy.

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