58 years of Rick Springfield 1962-2020 thank you for the memories shirt

When I was 13, I broke up with my boyfriend and started dating this very pretty girl in my grade. I was a bit young, but for me, dating at this age, it was difficult to hold hands sometimes, kissing was an Astronomical feat. I just,,, thought she was pretty and I wanted to hold her in a way I didn’t want to hold my friends in. A week after we got together I told my mom that a girl had asked me out and that I said yes. She asked me “why?” I said because I liked her. And my mom spent the next two weeks or so actively trying to say things to get me to break up with her. She said I was too young to decide if I was gay and don’t want me to be making a mistake. In her eyes, I was straight until proven gay. And that disgusts me now.

58 years of Rick Springfield 1962-2020 thank you for the memories shirt

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Yep. He’s being nice letting you stay there and Not paying when you start working again he wants his Money. That said unless you have Savings you probably won’t be able to paying. Hence is the time where you ask him if he’ll except a extra 200–300 a month til the back rent is caught up. A good landlord would be willing to do that. They want a good tenet in their house. It’s completely up to him though be honest because your also going to have a pay your other back bills ( power, water, gas etc ) if you haven’t been paying them either.

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Your child has a desk full of unfinished work because you keep her home when she isn’t sick, pull her out early so you can go somewhere, let her come late … how is she supposed to learn anything or finish anything? This is why from August to March she only moved from reading level A to C … in first grade!!! At some point, your child is going to be a functioning adult. He needs the opportunity to struggle with self-care skills in order to master them. At some point, he will need to be able to put on his own jacket and tie his own shoes. No time like the present!

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My mother has always had an extremely hard time controlling her anger. Those are the strongest memories I have of my mother. Screaming at me, my sister, or my father over the simplest of things.

On top of this, she is a Jehovah’s Witness, which is a religion I highly disagree with. She believes that she is saved by Jesus and Jehovah. She truly, in her soul, thinks that she is not mentally ill and everyone around her is the sick one. On multiple occasions I have been told that I am Bi-Polar and need to be on lithium. Her behavior is sporadic, unpredictable, and extremely volatile.

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Before I go deeper into that here is some back story. I was arrested for selling weed and mushrooms to my friends. I had to plea to felony charges and am serving a 3 year probation. My partner also got arrested because we lived together. We decided to leave our apartment and move in with our mothers respectively. My mom pushed and pushed it. She didn’t want me there. She made it known I was a disgrace to her and her beliefs. My grandmother was the one who cared enough to convince her to let me stay there on a very cheap rent. The hard thing about it is, it can go unseen for months. This last stretch was about 5 months or so. Recently I was beginning to feel as though I was getting into a great groove. Focusing on my health and exercising more, getting my credit in check so I can have more options in life, starting my own business. It was all ripped away.

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She started rattling off slurs for lesbians that I hadn’t even Heard before, asking if I knew how girls had sex, tried to scare me with it and I told her I wasn’t Thinking about having sex with her. I didn’t even think about having sex with my boyfriend before then, I was Young. But she insisted she was trying to protect me. I don’t think I’ve Ever fully forgiven her, and this was over 4 years ago. We don’t talk about it anymore, but I hold a resentment to this day. I could also go into the time before I’d even figured other parts of my identity, where she went off on me at a whim for being Transgender. I hadn’t told her, she had no concrete evidence. Compared me to Rue Paul and I guess in her eyes, that’s negative. But I’ll save the details for another time.

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