65th birthday 2020 #quarantined shirt

maybe not a great deal Father Donald. He lied about every thing. He lied about things he didn’t need certainly to lie about. He lied in public areas about their commitment utilizing the principals of the woman business, and, in exclusive about business discounts and renters affairs. He lied so much, which they sued him and won a big settlement. So, from reports of people I’m sure and trust, I believe your general photo we of Trump is quite precise, though it could be distorted somewhat for political purposes. The news reports of Don Jr. and Eric is due to shame by connection.

65th birthday 2020 #quarantined shirt

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60th birthday 2020 #quarantined shirt

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Everybody has to sit still in jungle as tank passed and not breath. The last wounded guy was in the middle of the swath road cut by VC. We couldn’t get him fast enough he was say leave leave me. I’m like nope. So I covered him w palm fronds and leaves and we all prayed the tank would clear him. It rolled right down the swath over him and missed him by inches. None of VC saw him or us. We just held our breaths as if it crushed him it would give away positions because he would scream in pain of being crushed to death. After they passed some Cowboy landed a Huey SIDEWAYS in between the trees on the swath so we could load the wounded guy. He barely made it. The swath was less than 16 18 feet across. It was a miraculous LANDING. These are hard memories. Thanks SEAL Team Six Founder Female Moffat AFB NASA Ames Test Pilots Navy Air NAM

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