April birthday 2020 the year when shut got real #quarantine shirt

I got married right after HS. I fell in love with someone who had already graduated. His aunt told me he was in love with me so we had a date and fell in love. Weeks before my wedding day, I got a feeling..not the jitters or cold feet but a real feeling like I was doing the wrong thing. I ignored it. 6 months in, I’m dealing with forgiving my husband of cheating on me with his friend’s wife. Almost a year in and I was pregnant with our first child. Things were great other than being made to feel guilty for not going back to work as fast as I’d planned. I didn’t want anyone else raising my daughter but us so I got a well-paying paper route.

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April birthday 2020 the year when shut got real #quarantine shirt

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One Christmas I got a call from a woman with an upper-class British accent. Her 8-year-old nephew stuttered and his speech clinic, at their local university, used a delayed auditory feedback (DAF) device made by my company. Her nephew could only go to therapy once a week so the SLP recommended that the family buy a device to use at home every day. She wanted the device shipped to Miami, where she was on vacation. We talked about the boy’s therapy and his speech for 45 minutes. I have these conversations every day.

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