Baby Yoda stay in your pod social distancing shirt

Baby Yoda stay in your pod social distancing shirt

I have three main reasons why I use social media Baby Yoda stay in your pod social distancing shirt very sparingly in its current incarnation. These three reasons were made evident to me after I did a “values sculpting exercise” and saw that social media is outside the bounds of these values. And for the record, when I mean “social media”, I mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Quora is “social media” but I consider Quora or Reddit to be a place to congregate information rather than just explicitly “being social”. As a social species, we associate and assimilate with the people closest to us. We also draw conscious and unconscious comparisons about our peers. This is known as your “reference group”. Evolutionarily, we came up in tribes of people no larger than 150 people.

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Baby Yoda stay in your pod social distancing shirt

Once you start expanding beyond that, it gets harder to Baby Yoda stay in your pod social distancing shirt keep and make rich social connections. This is called “Dunbar’s number”. In the past, your reference group would be the people in your community. Your neighbors, the people you go to work with, your friends… But now? Your reference group is anyone who is connected with you on social media. What social media does is replace your reference group in your brain with the people you are constantly exposed to on social media. You start comparing yourself against people you haven’t seen in 10 years or have only seen once. Why should I give a fuck if Paul who I haven’t seen from middle school goes on a vacation?

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