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My uncle and his second wife developed a habit of dropping by the house unannounced and barging in, and once inside, expecting at the minimum to be served cake and coffee, and proceeding to overstay their welcome, parked on the sofa for hours and hours. If they dropped by before dinner, they expected to be served dinner. This was bad enough when my uncle and his second wife showed up only occasionally. Sometimes my mother would refuse to answer the door, pretending to not be at home. My uncle and his wife would knock and yell for fifteen minutes, then they’d try the back door, then they’d circle the house peering in windows before they’d finally go away. It sometimes took a good thirty minutes for them to decide they weren’t coming in today.

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Don’t do that it would embarras him and make him resentful of you. They sell a water proof sheet to protect the mattress. Show him how to use the washing machine. When he gets up he can toss the wet sheets and blankets in the washer. If he goes to school you can toss them in dryer or he can when he gets home. When his laundry is done he can make his bed. When he gets good at it, you may even make it his choir to do the family laundry. A win win for you.

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On the island of Isla Mujeres neat Cancun I was sitting at a beach bar when a women walked by topless with just the smallest red bikini bottom on. She weighed about 300 pounds. I then thought about a man I had seen walking on Daytona beach 10 years earlier wearing a red Speedo and weighing about 300 pounds. I told her adjust it,she did,she unbuckled my pants pulled pants underwear down while I was driving she proceeds to do oral on me while I drive after i was relieved.she left no mess she put her head back on my lap and slept withme driving

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Baseball need to win call me shirt

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We were driving to a work event about 200 miles from home. She was tired I told her to sleep,she did.After awhile she layed her head down on my lap,I didn’t mind,I would look down at her every now and then,i thought at one point I seen her eyes open,she woke up and said she slept very well and I had a nice pillow,I told her anytime,we stopped for fuel and something to eatand drnik,then got back on turnpike.Then she said im tired do you mind if I sleep some more?I said go ahead,she put her head back on my lap ,except this time she said the pillow needs adjusted

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I once handled cases like these, and believe me, I’ve seen the most impossible attempts. Once of them involved a man, made up to look like a woman wearing a gown. Behind her skirt, guards found cans and cans of cookies he had managed to pin between his legs, slow-walking towards the door. If that was impossible, how he got to the door was impossibler. As often as your parents ask your too!! What do mean by irresponsible of parents? Aren’t they providing a food and shelter and everything in between?

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The day finally came when it came to a head. My mother, a diabetic, was dealing with low blood sugar, which makes her irritable anyway. And while making dinner, she was dealing with a kitchen disaster, though I don’t remember if she’d burned something or if she’d dropped something. In any case, she was aggravated and not up to being polite when there was the familiar pounding on the front door again. Frazzled, Mom opened the door, screamed “I don’t have time for you right now, you need to go away!” And she slammed the door in my uncle and his second wife’s faces.

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