The Bills 60th anniversary 1960 2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

 Now it’s starting to get fun and exciting. They pull out a dildo and play with each other for a while. Then one of the girls pulled out a beaded necklace. The kind that you might find at Mardi Gras. She puts it in her pussy and then pulls it out nice and slow. The guys are clapping and screaming, having fun. Then she pulls it completely out of her pussy and puts it around Jason’s neck. You would think that thing was on fire.  I caught a whiff of it and it had that tell-tale smell of Trichomoniasis . My boys were gagging and trying not to throw up. That girl had to know that she had an STD. That ended the party as we told the skank strippers to pound bricks. It was so gross. That’s one of my bachelor party stories. Maybe I can share another. It was about the time that the San Jose Police department showed up. But that’s another story for a different time. I hope this helps?

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The Bills 60th anniversary 1960 2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

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The set up is pretty much the same. You pick out a couple strippers. ( before cellphones) book them to show up at 9 pm . Get all your male friends together. Drink alcohol and eat potato chips. The girls show up. Now when I say the girls it also includes the guy that picks up the money and plays the music for the girls. They were young and pretty. They were directed to the spare room to change into their stripper clothes. The song plays and the girls come out and dance. So far so good . Jason the bachelor sits in the chair and the girls dance around him. The whip cream comes out, pretty much same oh, same oh. Then they got into some great lesbian stuff.

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