Bud Light never broke my heart shirt

I’m glad to say now, that I’m out for myself! He went in, paid, and pumped the gas. We were taking off out of the gas station when it became obvious that he hadn’t put the nozzle back where it’s supposed to go. And, before we knew it, we were dragging the pump behind us – how embarrassing I’m really glad it didn’t blow up or something. I don’t play games in parenting. If my child wants to embarrass me in public, it will not be a good day. Wherever we were, it is now time to leave. We go directly home.

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Bud Light never broke my heart shirt

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While we are in the car, I let my child know there are repercussions for acting like this. Then I proceed to let the child understand the punishment. Much of it will depend on the age. For young children, we leave and talk. For children that should have already understood this is really not acceptable, they are going to help me clean. They are told that this is how they will be punished, and if they love chores, keep it up. I can think of hundreds of this to do inside and outside the home. After a ton of cleaning with me. I give them 20 minutes to think about what they did, and then we will talk.

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