Carolina Panthers Father and son best friends for life shirt

Since the Panthers & other pro teams in other sports are located in North Carolina or other states, most fans & those in the sports world accept or know that teams represent that state(s) or cities they are currently located in. A comparison example would be for a college team like the North Carolina Tarheels represents North Carolina & a college team like the South Carolina Gamecocks represents South Carolina because both teams are in those states. The Carolina Panthers are a new team in pro football when compared to the lifespan of most of the teams in the NFL. Their inaugural season was 1995. Since that time, there’s been a slew of great players to wear the Panther’s uniform. I’m going to give a list of players, most of which are active or recently retired. I’m also going to stick with those who played the majority of their career with Carolina. From there, I’ll try to give who I think the “greatest” is, but I’ll let you decide from my list.

Carolina Panthers Father and son best friends for life shirt

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Steve Smith, wide receiver. Smith is a smaller guy when compared to many other NFL receivers. Yet, he played like he was 7′ tall. Fiery, competitive, and full of bravado, he is by FAR the best receiver to have ever worn a Panther’s uniform. I really hate the falling out between management and him that moved him to Baltimore. He also was the heart and soul of the team during his entire Panthers tenure. Dan Morgan – a great defensive player whose abilities were covered up my a flurry of injuries. He commanded respect of the entire offense of the opposing team. When on the field, he was just a beast. Ryan Kalil – one of the best centers in the game of football. He stayed healthy by and large though had his share of injuries, commanded and led the offensive line, and made every player on that line better than they would be otherwise. Even when off the field his presence on the sidelines made the line better. A textbook example of consistency.


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