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All I need today is a little bit of Texans and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

I’ve had several strange moments like this in my life and my mom and dad had some real good ones too, so they believed me, as did my sister. My brother though never did believe me. Doesn’t bother me because ever word of it’s true. Although I cannot explain it. If they show up before […]

The Jasmine Dragon make tea not war tea house of Ba Sing Se shirt

I needed a new primacy care physician and selected a young DO thinking I could work with her over several years. I saw her and she did the routine breast and pelvic exam. She was doing what she was doing then she stuck her finger in my butt. Apparently sensing my discomfort, she told me […]

Apparently we’re trouble when we are together who knew Flamingos shirt

Apparently we’re trouble when we are together who knew Flamingos shirt

A First Act Sheena Apparently we’re trouble when we are together who knew Flamingos shirt and it was hand made to very high-quality standards. It was a gorgeous red color with a cream pickguard and it played really nicely. I had no idea what it was or what it was worth so I skipped it. […]

Mexico and America flag shirt

Please talk to them directly and hear their legitimate concerns. Not all law enforcement is bad, but there are still a lot of bad ones who continue to get away with treating citizens, especially of color, badly, and they don’t deserve to wear a badge. There’s also plenty of photos of them tear-gassing people earlier […]

That’s what I do I play darts I drink and I know things shirt

Track and field, I call it athletics. Equal pay is again no problem but do you want the same pay for the blue riband events, such as 100 metres, versus hammer throw. You might think that I’m being picky there but that will lead us to an interesting issue later. Lets get back to the […]

I’m done teaching let’s go camping shirt

Oh I am excited for Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee. I played Pokemon Yellow alot and being able to go back to Kanto will be a dream come true for me. That being said though there are a couple of things that I hope are not ruined. Abilities. I will say this right now: I […]

Alien On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair vintage shirt

Basically, you should hire a lawyer. You can look up lawyers that can help with this problem. In America, it’s unconstitutional to demolish a property if someone is already living there. You can talk to a lawyer about this or even your city council and they could see if they can let your home live. […]

I’m sexy and I mow it vintage shirt

You won’t know unless you approach him with how you feel. Don’t ask him why though – ultimately, that’s not important, is it?What’s important is how his actions make you feel. It reveals an insecurity in your relationship that needs to be explored. Sexy isn’t about sex, it about imagination and attitude. It’s what you […]

Official Mace a cop call it Peppa pig shirt by tshirtat store

I love this one! Many years ago a police officer had a BIG guy handcuffed in the back seat of his squad car. He was trying like all hell to get the guy out. Another officer came to assist him. This guy wedged his feet into the floor under front seats. They didn’t want to […]

Benjamin Franklin shut up liver you’re fine shirt

I moved to Canada last year, my reason was simple, In India, the working hours were becoming lengthier and hectic and pay scale was not going anywhere, even the hike percentage over company switch was only also not that great. Being a Pharmacovigilance and 6 years of experience I was expecting more for my efforts […]

 Bearded inked dad like a normal dad but badass shirt

He went to my country Colombia and showed the world the good part, he did it with every country. I truly believe it’s beyond mental health. It’s also spiritual. Body spirit soul it’s all connected. We are all connected. More love and more spiritual connection are what the world is starving right now Taught me […]

 I can’t breathe justice for George Floyd shirt

Before giving money to a charity, you want to make sure the organization is legitimate and your donation will actually reach those in need. All too often, we hear reports of charity scams. Doing your research ahead of time allows you to rest assured that your gift is going to help the cause you care […]