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 Save a horse ride a beard vintage shirt

sinning (as in going against what is good) would be an irrelevent concept for any god to instill if it was inherently evil and unforgivable. besides that, where ever you were born might mean you wouldnt know what ‘sinning’ was if you are not taught and yoy may do it unknowungly but with no evil […]

UFO Alien two words middle finger vintage shirt

I understand you are not ready to come out to the society because you have your own reasons. I understand our parents will never support our relationship because they care too much for the society, may be more than their child. I Understand that you will never prefer me over your family because I ain’t […]

Embrace the derp vintage shirt

There’s essentially no way to do 90% of the things a financial system needs to do using a blockchain, because there’s no way to verify assets off the chain. All proposals to do so are inherently flawed, which makes smart contracts into stupid contracts. Bitcoin governance is completely screwed up because everyone is more concerned […]

Weed I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt

Most people buy cheap cigars, unroll them, then re-roll it with weed. The name “blunt’ comes from a cigar called the Philly Blunt. It is a cheap, machine-made cigar, making it perfect for destroying to obtain the wrapper. Hand-made cigars, while of much higher quality, can be quite expensive. Nowadays, there are cigars made expressly […]

Official Free-ish since 1865 vintage shirt by tshirtat store

The public school system is fully financed by government and the department of education indoctrinate kids into the agenda that the government wants for children. Both the national department of education and the state level departments of education adhere to an outcome based education model where excellence in not rewarded and lackluster performance is not […]

Hot Choose wisely glock paper scissors shirt

Or is it the feds that are crooked could leak people’s names to Hot Choose wisely glock paper scissors shirt so they could be divulged to and harassed by lib wackos? Hmmm. Makes sense. Cnn is a terrorist org it appears. What is it they are trying to hide? If you’re tax-exempt everything should be […]

Life is full of important choices Cannabis shirt

For the past year, I’ve used an app that mostly pays me money to take pictures of homes. Sometimes, I have to go into predominantly white environments where I know that the people aren’t comfortable with me being there. I’m in America, but at the same time I’m not where I’m supposed to be in […]

Top shirts ideafashionshirt on 2020-05-30

Beer brew dad vintage best black shirt Official 44 years of Rocky 1976-2020 thank you for the memories shirt Vintage Frontline warrior nurse white best shirt Mushroom fun guy sunset white shirt Vintage Beer Clinton 4th of July white shirt Vintage Jeep dad like a normal dad only cooler white shirt A woman cannot survive […]

Top shirts dalatshirt on 2020-05-30

White silence equals white consent black lives matter shirt Teaching is a walk in the park shirt Surviving fatherhood one beer at a time shirt Skydiving because other sports require only one ball vintage shirt Skull Pearl Jam 2020 pandemic Covid-19 in case of emergency shirt Rogan Bravo 2020 it’s entirely possible shirt New Orlean […]

Supportive loving swag strong black father hard working father’s day shirt

Supportive loving swag strong black father hard working father’s day shirt

Medium – soil and coco coir are good choices for Supportive loving swag strong black father hard working father’s day shirt beginners as both are very forgiving and easy to maintain, coco has the advantage of letting more oxygen into the root zone and being difficult to over water, it’s as simple as soil but […]

Vintage Country road take me home shirt

Vintage Country road take me home shirt

Some people say that people who do weed become Vintage Country road take me home shirt addicted to harder drugs and lose control of their lives. These people were already going downhill. They were already losers. It just so happens that they get high. Smoking weed was just a confounding variable. A healthy, normal person, […]