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Shelby co est 1924 distilled and bottled in Birmingham dry Gin shirt

It was November of 2018, My fiance had started having trouble breathing, his chest hurt and he had a bad cough. We thought it was bronchitis and at the worst, a broken rib. We went to the doctors with the thought that he will get antibiotics and be on our way. We couldn’t wait to […]

Black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter shirt

My son has Emery Dreyfus Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that causes muscle weakness and pain over his entire body. Because of this he has special accommodations in school. When he was in 6th grade I got a call from the school nurse that he was laying on the floor in class in the fetal position […]

Shark It’s yeet or get yeeten vintage shirt

The idea behind this is to promote the concept that Starfleet is much more a relaxed work environment versus a rigid military style form of disciplined etiquette where everything must be prim & proper, & of course showing off military courtesy. Especially after the end of hostility between the Klingon Empire & the United Federation […]

Rip George Floyd 3rd Ward TX shirt

Rip George Floyd 3rd Ward TX shirt

Greenspoint, 3rd ward, 5th ward, Hiram Clarke, Rip George Floyd 3rd Ward TX shirt Acres Homes, South Park, Homestead, Studewood, Sharpstown, Sunnyside. Avoid eye contact, do not wear expensive clothing or jewelry, do not go in those areas at night time you will most likely be robbed or even killed and the most important thing […]

The Cleveland Browns 75th anniversary 1946-2021 team players signatures shirt

One of the best episodes, two incredible humans sitting down to a simple meal. Anthony was an amazing storyteller, I love his voice, his smile. I feel like I was traveling alone on his journey. Never thought I would feel so sad about someone I never meet. He’s going to be missed, I loved watching his […]

A scot is a scot even unto an hundred generations Scotland shirt

My husband believed in God but he had deep psychological problems that led to substance abuse due to the constant pain he was in. I’m not making excuses for him but I don’t believe anything could have helped him. He was a troubled tortured soul. His pain was more than he could bear. I miss […]

UFO Alien two words middle finger vintage shirt

I understand you are not ready to come out to the society because you have your own reasons. I understand our parents will never support our relationship because they care too much for the society, may be more than their child. I Understand that you will never prefer me over your family because I ain’t […]

Embrace the derp vintage shirt

There’s essentially no way to do 90% of the things a financial system needs to do using a blockchain, because there’s no way to verify assets off the chain. All proposals to do so are inherently flawed, which makes smart contracts into stupid contracts. Bitcoin governance is completely screwed up because everyone is more concerned […]

Weed I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt

Most people buy cheap cigars, unroll them, then re-roll it with weed. The name “blunt’ comes from a cigar called the Philly Blunt. It is a cheap, machine-made cigar, making it perfect for destroying to obtain the wrapper. Hand-made cigars, while of much higher quality, can be quite expensive. Nowadays, there are cigars made expressly […]

Diamond Jack Skellington face Lips shut the fuck up shirt

Diamond Jack Skellington face Lips shut the fuck up shirt

If people treat Messi like a god is because Messi Diamond Jack Skellington face Lips shut the fuck up shirt is the god of football and anyone who disagrees, lives in denial. Messi is equivalent to 6 players in the field. He competes for everything. Goals, assists, playmaking, and controlling the tempo of the game. […]