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Hippie girl I can’t have kids my Poodle is allergic shirt

Have you tried blue Buffalo? My vet recommends that or they have a prescription only food at my vet that your vet may also have but it is too expensive for me. I also make homemade dog food for my yellow lab. I do still give him some high quality dry food because at 117 […]

American flag and dog where liberty dwells there is my country shirt

After solving the first hurdle of learning how to drive again, I’ve had to immerse myself in technology that did not exist before my prison term began. I’ve learned about the Internet, about social media, about how to send an email or use an iPhone. Whereas others missed being close to nature and family, at […]

Nike crip just loc it shirt

I have never been to India or even the part of Kashmir controlled by India but have met people who have lived there but I’ve heard that they feel safe there except there are incidents of killings by either Indian or Pakistani Army. Let me be clear here that whenever armies have their differences, it […]

Official Autism dad some people look up to their heroes I’m raising mine shirt by tshirtat store

In Spain everybody can just go to the hospital and get the full treatment, and surgery and everything without paying anything. Yes, they take about 15-45% of your paycheck, based on how much you earn, but that’s for your pension, healthcare and unemployment insurance, so, it really is not so bad. And, if you have […]

The Detroit Tigers 120th anniversary 1901 2021 thank you for the memories shirt

My heart goes out to you and all the medical personnel. There is only so much you can do, know that you are doing your very best and this is a horrible situation you & every other medical professional are in but you are doing a great job. Yes we are only human!!! We feel […]

Top shirts ideafashionshirt on 2020-05-27

Official Cats tats and coffee shirt Vintage Flamiago namaste mother ficker white shirt I was social distancing before It was cool white shirt Vintage Best baseball dad ever black best shirt White Welcome to camp quitcherbitchin a certified happy camper area shirt Official All I need today is a little bit of Gonzaga and a […]

Top shirts dalatshirt on 2020-05-27

LGBT Mickey Mouse Heart Rainbow shirt Jason Voorhees horror movie shirt Your boyfriend my boyfriend shirt Walking towards the grail shirt The Best way to a man’s heart is through his fourth and fifth rib shirt Psychedelic research volunteer shirt Hurricane just drink it Nike shirt Dream Theater 35 years of 1985 2020 thank you […]

I Tell Dad Jokes Periodically shirt

There’s nothing left. The hoarding started weeks ago. Now it’s just the people that are simply trying to buy their regular groceries. Jesus we are all trying. It’s shameful when shoppers are buying more than they and their families need at a time when we are all facing shortages! And now with kids out of […]