Class of 2020 the year when shit got real shirt

This happened to my husband years ago. He was literally falling asleep at the wheel. The police stopped him because he was driving erratically. They took a Breathalyzer test but he registered zero BAC because he was sleepy rather than drunk. Of course he was still a danger to himself and to others on the road. The cops ordered him to pull off the road and take a nap. You do have to find a safe spot to take your nap, and the shoulder of a busy highway is not really the safest place. You also have to watch out for your own safety that nobody is going to try to kill you and carjack your vehicle. The best option is to find a motel and get a room for the night and sleep it off. What you did was 100 percent correct, you were doing the right thing by realizing that you were too impaired to drive safely.

Class of 2020 the year when shit got real shirt

If it is at all possible, I would have a parent, or parents or grandparents, even alternating, providing all the “education” a preschooler needs. Constant interaction with age peers is not necessarily a good thing. Young children generally engage in what is called “parallel play”. Two, or more, kids play with blocks or cars or spoons; but don’t actually interact with each other. Adults who can give one to one (or two or three siblings) attention can make everyday activities into lessons.

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