Color Chemistry I only use periodically shirt

Walt and Jesse use phenylacidic acid that they convert to phenylacatone. So for the most part the chemistry in breaking bad is accurate. The blue color is something the writers and producer made up. They wanted Walt’s work to be distinct, not just because of potency or purity. They wanted a visible signature to set aside Walt’s work from The rest. The only explanation, is Walt is some sort of chemistry ninja that can do things that no one else has yet to do. If you are comfortable in learning by pdf files , you can google it , it is available in many sites for free.

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We perceive colors based on their context, to a large degree. If there’s nothing but red light available and most of the objects. The spectrum of a premixed (undergoing complete combustion) butane flame shows that the blue colour of a flame arises due to emission of excited molecules, which emit most of their light in the blue and green regions of the visible spectrum, hence the change in colour. Flame colors are generally the same whether the test material is an element or a compound, but some elements are hazardous to handle.

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