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Those titles are in the “Suffix” of the registered name since there was no direct competition done versus other entries. The German breeders who started the breed sometimes did not pass down how they did it. It took hundreds of years and many generations of breeders to come up with what we have today. The smooth coat is going to grow and shed constantly, but not in great volume. You’re going to be looking at a few hairs every single time you brush up against the dog, but never getting enough hair to knit a sweater! The long coat has some undercoat which will shed seasonally (spring and fall) but the longer guard hairs are going to have minimal shedding because they take 1–3 years to grow.

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The wirehaired coat also has some undercoat with seasonal shedding, but as with most wire coats proper care of the coat (i.e. regular hand-stripping) will result in almost none of that hair ending up on your floor or clothing. In hunting, the dogs accompanied the foresters until burrowing prey, such as badgers, were spotted. When the prey went underground, one or more dachshunds were sent in after them, often down the multiple entrances of underground burrows. As a dachshund owner I can testify to the aggression and fearlessness of dachshunds. They will attack other, and much larger animals on sight if permitted. I have seen an otherwise mild-mannered pet dachshund go after a weimaraner three times his size and chase off the larger dog.

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