Daddy you are as brave as Capt Kirk as strong as Mr Spock shirt

I don’t have any kids that I know about, but I am still irked to hear people speak of “furbabies”. I think the big reason it bothers me is that I’ve noticed a general correlation between people who do that, and people who have horribly behaved, undisciplined animals. Dads are meant to symbolize protection and figures who take care of the ones close to them, so girls often call their older boyfriends “Daddy,” out of how they take care and protect the girls. My own mom called her father Daddy, not just as a little girl but also as a married woman with six children of her own. She adored her father and did not call him by any other name. As a matter of fact her sisters called him Daddy too. They called their mom Mother. The boys called their father Daddy and also called their mom Mother. We all have different names for our parents. I have been watching old episodes of “Father Knows Best.” The oldest daughter calls her mom Mother. She calls her dad Father. The boy calls him Dad. He calls her Mom. They younger child calls her mom Mommy and her father Daddy even as a preteen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all in my opinion.

Daddy you are as brave as Capt Kirk as strong as Mr Spock shirt

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It was for my college I was away from my parents for the first time. I was the one who intrested to study in Chennai for engineering, as I was fascinated about the city. As my college-hostel was not satisfactory to my parents, they made me to stay in working women’s hostel. Imagine, I was the only one in the hostel who was studying. Rest all, working for their dreams. Already I was in the new place and it was the culture-shock and added to that there was no one on my teen-age mindset. I felt like I committed the biggest mistake by having a desire of studying in Chennai. I wanted to be out of that place soon. I used to call my parents frequently and ask them to take me back. I was the stupid, coward back then. With some good souls around me, I came back to normal. And I learnt the biggest lesson also from my hostel life.


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