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A long time ago, my aunt was kind of a fancy person whose husband ran around with the Rat Pack. ( I have a photo somewhere of my uncle with Sinatra and Martin), and my aunt and uncle were invited to JFK’s inauguration. They were in New York and meant to drive to D.C. Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm and driving was impossible. My aunt couldn’t believe she was going to miss the party. Her husband got a phone call. He spoke briefly to the person on the line. When the call was over, her husband turned to her and said, “Hef knows how much you’ve been looking forward to this.” So Hugh Hefner sent a private plane to NYC to pick up my aunt and uncle to bring them to Washington. When Hef died, my aunt told me this story for the first time. I was floored. At that point, she was a little old lady. She still had a twinkle in her eye, but, wow! What a life she must have lived!

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Dance 2020 the one where they were quarantined shirt

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During the initial days, I used to go to my in-laws place occasionally because they stay in the same city. I was a little shy person from the beginning and not talk much. My sister in law noticed this and she used to take care of anything I wanted in the house. I was very comfortable talking to her in my in-law’s house. Oh! I forgot to tell you she is beautiful and has a curvy body. Eventually, we become friends and that leads to some sort of infatuation between us since both of us are of the same age. One day, I went to there house and nobody was at home and my sis-in-law opened the door. I looked at her, she smiled and invited me inside.

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