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Third, nothing he learned in business is applicable to governing a public entity. Government is not a business or profit center, it is the supplier of goods and services needed to regulate and modern society based upon the rule of law and accountability. Fourth, I cringe at the thought of Trump visiting key American allies, or managing a global crisis. I think the doctor’s letter was a fabrication. i would also bet money that any independently supervised weight heither measure would show him with a BMI above 30 and his body fat percentage worse than that would suggest. In previous writings, I have suggested that all public officials should be subject to mandatory medical physicals, including tests for use of controlled substances and average alcohol consumption.

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Donald Trump Coin 2020 shirt

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I’m hesitant about any set cut offs for elected officials, but I think voters deserve really accurate information about anything that might affect job performance or ability to finish a term. That IMHO should include obesity. Politics aside, Trump is an idiot. Face it. The world’s leaders ridicule him. Even third world dictators publicly laugh at him routinely. The only thing trump has ever done that could be considered intelligent business is being born to fred trump and his low life, worst ghetto in Scotland immigrant teen age bride, Mary Anne MacLeod. But this one is simple enough without having to wade through history and biographical data, whether it be character analysis of deep acumen or mere hagiography.


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