Donald Trump Lock her up Guys Shirt

Donald Trump Lock her up shirt

It is an invasion, they are safe now in Mexico Donald Trump Lock her up shirt for hand me outs. It will be an invasion when they do get here! Stop the invasion president! Good these horrible people need to be put in their place I’m sick of them saying anything they want . What happened to respect to others. Whatever happened to freedom of speech the world ain’t full of puppy dogs and unicorns. Can you imagine a young child in a classroom acting like Acosta? The teacher would give him/her time out or no recess! The teacher would always be wrong, even when it is caught on video happens on school buses all the time. It appears that Acosta may have some mental issues he needs to deal with. I’m very level headed and never ,ever had any mental issues but you on the other hand, may want to go and get yours checked out because you are definitely a few french fries short of a happy meal!

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He grabbed the microphone from her Donald Trump Lock her up shirt shouldn’t be allowed back in.  I actually thought that was going to happen. It would have been cool to see two big secret service guys boot him out.  I totally agree with you and I can’t understand why they didn’t come up their and get a hold of him & take him out. Well yeah but the guy was also not being respectful to even other news people. I would have had him removed.  Wonder if he wants to be the pot or the kettle? He has no room to say anything about how someone else treats people. He actually shoved the young lady away that was in charge of passing the mic around that should get him banned for life !

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