Double Joker Calvin and Hobbes shirt

Harvey Dent’s journey is from idealism to vicious apathy. He cares too much about Gotham, and then he doesn’t care at all. He falls much harder than the criminal overlords of Gotham do, losing his sanity as well as his social position, because idealism makes people more vulnerable than greed does. These were not the Joker’s henchmen. This was a group of bank robbers working together as equals. There was no leader. No recognition by the bank robbers that the guy with hobo mask was any different from the others.

Double Joker Calvin and Hobbes shirt

Women for Bloomberg 2020 shirt

The Fightin Prince Fresh Prince shirt

Sometimes you exit from a movie theatre, you forget the story and continue following your daily routine. You seldom remember the character which you had loved in a particular scene but only on rarest ocassion, you remember what they said. Joker is one such character. When the project of Joker was announced, I was slightly skeptical. After Leto’s mayhem, I couldn’t bring myself to hope that something good can come out, albeit I prayed. Heath Ledger had created an impression which would last as long as you live. Overwriting or even competing against it is next to impossible.


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