Dr Seuss I will pray here or there I will pray everywhere 2020 coronavirus pandemic shirt

I was in business class flying out of Paris to New York a few years ago. I was seated as the passenger next to me got more and more drunk with every round they served him. After an hour his hands began to wander. He grabbed at my chest, but I caught his hand, reefed his fingers back and told him if he wanted to arrive home with the same amount of fingers he left with, he’d better behave himself. Luckily he fell asleep at this point, unlucky he wet himself. With the prospect of sitting next to this pile of filth for 5 more hours, I insisted on moving. The Air France crew would not let me. So I sat there furious.

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Dr Seuss I will pray here or there I will pray everywhere 2020 coronavirus pandemic shirt

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On a very crowded flight from San Francisco to Hawaii, I noticed a family with two kids under 3. They don’t let you sit with kids that age for some sort of safety rule. So Dad was sitting in one row with a baby and Mom was in a different row with an 18-month-old kid who was raising hell and didn’t want to sit or be quiet. This was the second leg of their trip. They had already been on a plane from NY to San Francisco. Mom got up with 18 months old and was walking back to the bathroom with him stiffening up like a board so he was hard to hold. I was sitting reading in my aisle seat with my 15-year-old son next to me. She looked at my son and said: “I’ll pay you $20 if you will hold him for 10 minutes!”.

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