Elect a clown expect a circus shirt

He saw something in me that others didn’t. He believed Elect a clown expect a circus shirt that I have more to give and didn’t give up on me no matter how stubborn I was. If it wasn’t for him I probably still don’t have this self-confidence and just continued to believe I wasn’t good enough. It’s been 20 years. He still doesn’t know this but I hope I can still get that chance. She had stuffed animals all around the classroom and if you were having a bad day she’d let you pick one to hold until you feel better. She’d also have competitions and if you won you got to take one home with you for a night. She was a really fun and caring teacher!

I want Elect a clown expect a circus shirt My grade 2/3 class was split both years and taught by the same teachers both years who were married to each other lol and the wife taught my dad and a few of my uncles as well as my older brother. Amazing teachers. May they rest in peace. There were many days I would sit in her class and just cry while she either hugged me or told me it would all eventually be okay. I went back to Arkansas to visit last year and had to stop just to see her.

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