Embrace the derp vintage shirt

There’s essentially no way to do 90% of the things a financial system needs to do using a blockchain, because there’s no way to verify assets off the chain. All proposals to do so are inherently flawed, which makes smart contracts into stupid contracts. Bitcoin governance is completely screwed up because everyone is more concerned about protecting their collection of electronic Beanie Babies than they are in fixing any of the actual problems. Stop referring to him or her as a derp. When you change your words, you change your thinking and you change your actions. The only person you can control is yourself. For all the people asking how to remove various viruses from their computer the first answer is to run Malwarebytes free scanner and see if it removes it. If the virus blocks Malwarebytes from running change the name of the .exe file to anything but Malwarebytes and try again. If you have a virus that it can’t remove search online for the specific virus and see if you can find an instruction for removing it.

Embrace the derp vintage shirt

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No denying that BJP is totally and solely responsible for killing India economically. And the self inflicting weapon is demonetization and GST. They are so boastful not to admit any fault, not to learn from any past mistake and not to take advice from expert opinion on related subject. They have got some blind followers who are infused with communal venom, not to see any fault with the Govt. Now they are giving plea that Covid-19 is the main cause of economic crisis. But this is a present phenomenon, but economic slowdown starts since their coming to power due to faulty economic policies. Now India has become a ground of polarised politics on the basis of religion which pushes the social fabric in a more dangerous situation in future. Why don’t you look it up instead of asking others to do your research for you? Better yet, the correct answer can be found in a mirror.

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