The fourth is with us shirt

The fourth is with us shirt

Now, think about that. First, how rare to have a parent who would protect The fourth is with us shirt from knowing about mortality for 29 years! Mortality, in its guise as the survival instinct, is commonly believed to impel human activity and growth; it’s the very thing that sneakily underlies the intractable messages of our superegos, which serve as our lodestars for maturing. The conscious fear of death is the father of the ego. But until that first day outside the gates, Siddhartha had never known mortality. As he walked into the unvarnished world, its suffering descended on him in a sudden, unexpected, wave. There in the streets in front of him shone a litany of miseries.

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The implicit danger to being flesh and blood rose for the first time. The fourth is with us shirt  presume that Siddhartha transitioned from not having an ego to having one. From not having mortal fear to having mortal fear. Who else has that ever happened to? Anyone? Was anyone that well protected for that long? You’d have to be born to wealth, and you’d have to have parents who, instead of preparing you to replace them through knowing the ways of the world, intentionally set you up for a life without common survival skills. Buddha’s father essentially looked at his lucky station in life and realized that he could do something with it that no one had ever done before. Siddhartha’s life was an experiment. I’m not sure the experiment has ever been repeated.

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