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Hyenas did not come from cats but from cat-like tree dwellers that spawned not only cats but civets, mongoose and binterong. That means hyenas are in the sub-order feliformia, along with all modern felines. But they evolved next to cats, becoming a different species that was more dog-like they look and act like African wild dogs, even though they aren’t related. Hyenas formed their own group, four species in the very specialized family Hyaenidae. They aren’t felines. Both dogs and modern grey wolves evolved from an extinct species of wolf. But according to animal classification hierarchy, they’re closer to Feliforms and Viverrids like Civets that live on trees. Hyenas ancestors were these cat-like tree dwelling animals. So in short, Hyenas are closer to cats.

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But Hyenas have their own classification that is different from cats and dogs. Hyenas belong to a family called Hyaenidae. There are many similarities between Hyenas and Dogs and many differences between Hyenas and Cats too. Hyenas have many qualities of both dogs and cats. Hyenas groom like cats, they mate like cats, have babies and raise a family like cats even mark their territories like cats. But Hyenas hunt like dogs. They use their teeth as their primary weapon like wolves and dogs. They don’t climb trees very well because their front legs are longer than their rear legs. Hyenas don’t have retractable claws like Cats. Hyenas also hunt in packs like Canines.

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