The Golden Girls moon shirt

The Golden Girls moon shirt

Offensively, Tigers may have an edge unless The Golden Girls moon shirt Giants are on. Yes, Miggy is the Triple crown winner followed by Fielder in the line-up, but they have a deep bench. They have good batters like Peralta, Garcia, Jackson, Infante, and Young who hit either over .300 or in the high .200’s in the post. Totally scary. Giants have Scutaro over.300 in the post. Sometimes we have Posey. Pagan is pretty solid, Blanco can be as well. When Sandoval comes through, great, and he’s the only other over .300 in the post. Everyone else is in the low .200’s. Belt, Crawford, and Pence are like puppies; big Rottweiler puppies, but still. Defensively great (well, save Pence at 92% with his “will he catch it?”), but so hit-or-miss with their hitting. Arias and Theriot can, and have, come through. Pitching Giant’s pitching has been torture. Cain starts out with a No-Hitter in June, then pitches the rest of the season okay with blips in some major games. Split post.

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The Golden Girls moon shirt

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Lincecum, my Timmy…ugh. But he comes through in the post with The Golden Girls moon shirt plus spectacular innings against the Reds, then another 5 against the Cards. So he’s back after being a mid-reliever? No, after a post start, a loss. Vogelsong a BRILLIANT post, and Zito delivered to save the season. Mid relievers Kontos, Affeldt, Casilla, aren’t consistent enough to deliver, but when they’re on, they’re on. Oh. My. Gawd. Verlander, Cy Young winner once, prob again this year, opens tomorrow. I saw him pitch twice against Oakland this year and he is beast; that is a given. But he’s the Tigers also have Scherzer who is amazeballs, Fister, Sanchez, even Coke smoked. Only Valverde almost blew the Yankees game and choked on the A’s but they still have faith in him as their spitting (literally) closer. Advantage Tigers.

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