When it is too hard to look back and you are too afraid shirt

They are empty sad individuals who either end up alone or make their partners lives a misery, whilst being Mr or Mrs Popular with everyone else. They do this by compartmentalising, being dishonest, and crazy-making with lack of transparency, manipulation, charm, charisma, humour, flattery and flirtation. This forum has strengthened me and given me my wings to fly. Never again will I be drawn back in to the flame to risk being burnt. I now can identify all the red flags I explained away…even to family and friends. I was able to see the person unmasked.

When it is too hard to look back and you are too afraid shirt

That’s what I do I play golf I drink wine and I know things shirt

Sloths It’s Ok To Be Different Shirt

Shut the fuck up shirt

Never underestimate an old man with ski poles shirt

It’s not a party until the Germans show up shirt

I’m blunt because god rolled me that way shirt

Gnomie Irish drink wine St. Patrick’s day shirt

Fast and furious 19 years signature shirt

I am still fragile some days and I am only up to 3 weeks no contact. But I know in my heart and soul I can NEVER return. Thank God! I loved my elementary school, but I spent a lot of my classtime reading to or tutoring other students. My wonderful teachers gave most of their attention to disruptive or low-performing students and taught to the average level of the class. The material was always easy for me and my classes progressed at a glacial pace. My school tried to help by putting me in classes with older students and then transferring me to a gifted program across town. Both attempts were too much for me academically and socially.

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