Harley Quinn Hyenas Angels of prey shirt

To be clear I’m not a fan of the decanonization of so much, we lost some truly great stories, regardless something was needed as there was almost no opportunity for new movies or content in general, but it was way too extensive. Anyways, Love it or hate it, the new Disney canon reinvented Vader. In legends Vader was incompetent, and only moderately powerful in comparison to other Sith Lords. Starting with the hallway scene in Rogue One and moving on to every scene with him in it in Rebels (a mediocre show that got elevated to great whenever Vader arrived), but both of these showed nothing really impressive except him surviving the massive explosion on Malachor. But this soon changed with the Darth Vader marvel comics series that soon made it clear just how powerful he is in canon. The first time we see Vader he casually dismantles an AT-AT and force chokes an officer who’s in orbit. All of this is small potatoes to what we later see. Be it defeating planetary armies, or holding the oceans of Mon Cala at bay Vader is unstoppable.

Harley Quinn Hyenas Angels of prey

Harley Quinn Hyenas Angels of prey shirt


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However, the most impressive things we see from him is either him keeping himself alive through shear force of will, overpowering the will of the force, cracking the crust of a planet, or breaking dimensional barriers. The main two differences between canon Vader and his legends counterpart is his mindset and the amount of potential he lost at Mustafar. Sidious thought after Mustafar that his apprentice was forever crippled, in legends he was right, in canon, he couldn’t be more wrong. In canon Vader overcame his limitations, surpassed his masters expectations, and eventually, his master himself. But regardless Sidious was not worried. For he had worked a weakness into Vader’s armor, a weakness to lightning, and if that somehow failed, he had had the designors of Vader’s armor make a fail safe, a button that would completely shut Vader’s suit down, turning off his life support and immediately rendering Vader unconscious. Suffice to say, Palpatine was very happy with his chances against Vader.

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