I’m sexy and I mow it vintage shirt

You won’t know unless you approach him with how you feel. Don’t ask him why though – ultimately, that’s not important, is it?What’s important is how his actions make you feel. It reveals an insecurity in your relationship that needs to be explored. Sexy isn’t about sex, it about imagination and attitude. It’s what you don’t have or can’t see, not what you do have and can see. It’s not the strip that is sexy, it is the tease, the anticipation. No woman alive is actually as sexy as a guys imagination can make her out to be. Not kidding. With my exceptional imagination it isn’t even close. I don’t think it is for anyone, dullard or not. I met an old friend at the local bar for a beer to catch up. We’d just started to visit when they cranked the music way up and a stripper appeared. We are both family men and not interested, we finished our beer and headed to the lounge.

I’m sexy and I mow it vintage shirt

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Just as we reached the door my smart aleck buddy turned to the now completely naked lady on the stage and said “Wow, she sure would look hot in a bikini eh.” He was just being funny but he was also very correct. It is imagination and anticipation that makes something sexy. It’s in your head. The sexiest lady I ever met worked with me. Now she had features that I like, long brown hair, big green eyes, pretty face and a sweet smile. That is not what made her sexy. Nor was she cheep looking, very classy lady. She would wear a sheer blouse and then wear a lacy undershirt. You couldn’t see a thing that you shouldn’t, but it felt like you could, she even caught me blushing. She would wear a long skirt, but it had a slit up the leg. You’d see more leg in cutoffs, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as sexy.

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