Kakuna Rattata It means no worries shirt by Nemoshirt

Even in Kakuna Rattata It means no worries shirt by Nemoshirt she did her best to save her baby. Salute your mother’s dog! A mother is always a mother you’re just like a human. Granny, you make me laugh so hard. And yes you do have a handsome grandson. I would love to hang out with you granny. Hug’s granny. I never have a family reunion cuz most of my family don’t talk or are gone from this world but I’d invite you to mine just to show you some family love! I love Granny so much I watch every single episode she is hilarious you make my day when I’m having a bad day I wish my grandmother was like her sometimes granny you’re the best it’s so isn’t your grandson the one that films it he’s hilarious too.

Love Kakuna Rattata It means no worries shirt by Nemoshirt you can too my family reunion, and you will have such an amazing awesome good time, your big fan Jim! Loved the video Jake your a very handsome young man you should show yourself more often you guys make me laugh so much I love it you always put me in a better mood. I love you granny and Jake take care and keep the videos coming. So we are both widows within months of each other. And Jake you need quit hiding your gorgeous! Granny you rock and your grandson is handsome we need to see more of his face. I hope you get your money back at the reunion.if not let’s see what happens.

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