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The residents needed to disperse according to a state public health order which prohibits groups larger than 10 gatherings. so if the federal government said go jump off a bridge will you, if they said you had to give them all your money, will you? Have good clean practice at home and where ever you go, and you will be fine. Plus being clean is something everyone should have been doing. It’s sad it had to be told to. I didn’t get it from this article. Common sense and logic made me suspicious that a park with so much open space and other people in it (the witnesses) was actually closed, so I did research.


The Lord of The Sloths The return of the Sloths shirt

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Nobody is above the law. Unless the ordinance has an exception for former police officers, the park was closed no matter who you are. The lack of respect for.our laws from some people will cause the virus to remain for an indefinite time. People aren’t staying inside to protect themselves from the virus. They’re staying inside out of fear of the government. Enforcing lockdown laws is problematic. It’s an easy way to generate free revenue from fining poor people. It has nothing to do with your safety if they’re going to get within 6 feet to arrest you.

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