Los Angeles Dodgers Life Is Better Under The Sea Of Blue Shirt

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I wouldn’t ordinarily comment on something as Los Angeles Dodgers Life Is Better Under The Sea Of Blue Shirt subjective as this question, but I thought I’d weigh in given my life-long (53 years) relationship as a fan of the Dodgers. I recall when, because we couldn’t afford to park, my dad would park outside Chavez Ravine and we would hike our way up through the parking lot to the nosebleed seats. My mom would make burritos and other snacks, and it’d be a treat to get one of those great Carnation chocolate malt ice creams or to play catch with the peanut vendor. Back then everyone had a transistor radio because you wouldn’t dream of missing Vin Scully’s calling of the game alongside Jerry Doggett. We’d always show up before the national anthem and we didn’t leave, regardless of the score, until the last out of the game. At home in the Los Angeles area we’d play softball in the street while a neighbor had his radio tuned to the Dodger game and we’d play while we listened to the game. When I left home to join the military I sought opportunities to catch games, whether on Armed Forces Radio and Television Service or by just reading the box scores in the paper. I remember where I was and watched when Kirk Gibson hit one of the most famous home-runs in baseball history during the ’88 World Series against Dennis Eckersley and the A’s. I remember where I was when I found out about Don Drysdale’s untimely death. I recall gleefully discussing Fernandomania in that era with fellow military Dodger fans. I followed, inning-by-inning, Orel Hershiser’s incredible scoreless inning run. I have suffered along with all Dodger fans as the team’s lackluster performance over the last few decades have made us all wonder if we’d ever see the boys in blue back in the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers Life Is Better Under The Sea Of Blue Shirt

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