Love In a world full of moms be a Mamasaurus IF shirt

We live in a great, big world full of great, big, complex problems. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed with the vicissitudes of life, I do what Superman’s mom told a young Clark Kent to do; make everything small. The ineffable wonder and majesty of nature; from the auburn sun rise and set, to the warm weather, the tree colors, the light summer breeze, and the dedication and precision of a group of nearby ants. Being able to inhale deeply, relax, meditate, pray, or find your own personal center.

Official Dialysis tech 2020 the one where they risk their lives to dave yours love IF shirt

Love Flamingo Rules when I first make up IF shirt

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Love In a world full of moms be a Mamasaurus IF shirt

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When you’re crying in your room at night begging god to come help you because you’re so desperate and you receive those messages. You’re bound to actually kill yourself. You may think I’m writing this while I’m sad but I’m actually pretty happy right now so this isn’t too emotional to me to write. I’m pretty good with it now. It’s okay if nobody cares. Why would people care about someone who doesn’t care about themselves? Am I not right? Nobody would because it’s not worth it to them to invest in me.

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