Never take camping advice from me you’ll only end up drunk shirt

She does not need to become Zena Princess Warrior, but getting in better general shape will not hurt. Remember everyone else in the platoon is also a slimy weak assed civilian maggot at first, they don’t expect you to be a lean mean Marine on day one, they will build you up to that. There is nothing that is done in boot camp that is physical impossible. Everything is physical possible to do, the problem is not your body, but your mind. The limits that she reaches will not be those of her body, but the limits of her mind.

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Never take camping advice from me you’ll only end up drunk shirt

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Trust me, there were times, doing log drills say, that my mind told me I was at my limit, five minutes later my body was still going. That’s part of boot camp, reprogramming your mental limits. And oddly enough, she should enjoy her time in boot camp. She chose to be there, there is nothing in the end that she can do to change the way that bootcamp is run. No amount of complaining, or crying, or anything else will change it. Since she chose to be there, and can’t change it, enjoy it as best you can.

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