The New York Mets 58th anniversary 1962 – 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

There is a lot that I have to say to you. You were right there. Right around me somewhere all the time. But, I never laid my eyes on you even once, unless I needed something. I don’t even remember when the last time I professed my love to you. You were never the person who was very overt in expressing your love for me in words. But, you loved me the most in the world. Alas, I had grown so prosaic to your silence, that I simply stopped taking note of your presence and importance in my life. I was a fool who had begun to take his own father for granted. You would toil hard, day after another to meet my growing education needs, and recreational demands and nurture me well. Yet, I would never thank you even once for the way you had been sacrificing your own desires and needs to fulfill mine with a smile on your face. But, you never complained about the love and acknowledgement you well-deserved but never got from me.See more:

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