Nurse 2020 the one with the Pandemic shirt

I need these Nurse 2020 the one with the Pandemic shirt. Like up over their heads with maybe just a slit opening for them to see through. As a Veteran, I took an oath to the Constitution, not to a flag, a song. or a children’s poem. I will always support the rights outlined in the constitution. Her rights were violated. I have been saying this for years. The flag and the anthems are symbols of the Constitution which firmly upholds their right to peacefully protest. And I am Canadian lol This isn’t rocket science. Everyone has a right to peacefully protest it doesn’t give anyone the right to determine what is acceptable or not. I think you don’t quite understand. It wouldn’t be a protest if she was just kneeling in her bathroom at home. To be a protest, you have to go against the establishment. She has every right.

I would consider it disrespectful if they were yelling or causing a Nurse 2020 the one with the Pandemic shirt They are kneeling quietly. Christians kneel to pray, men kneel to propose to their prospective wife. Children in sports are taught to kneel for an injured player, and military members kneel in respect for the fallen. I have trouble thinking of something as being disrespectful in one case yet not in the others. I just look at the problems we have in this country that are major that kneeling is just being used by many as a distraction. Thank you for supporting this young woman’s right to protest. I truly thank you for your service to our Constitution and country. You a true Patriot.

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