Official The Bowfather shirt

Official The Bowfather shirt

Cobain was in Seattle the whole time where Official The Bowfather shirt Love’s sidekicks Michael ‘’Cali’’ DeWitt , Dylan Clarson, and Jessica Hopper were also staying at the time YET they did NOT let Courtney Love, who was supposedly worried sick about Cobain, know of her ‘’ depressed’’ and ‘’suicidal’’ husband ‘s whereabouts? They did not even hear the gunshot? And Love who stayed at the Peninsula Hotel at the time was NOT accepting calls? Of course, the narrative that Cobain was suicidal and depressed was fed to the media by Love herself. Dylan Clarson, who purchased the shotgun with which Cobain allegedly shot himself has adamantly denied that Cobain was depressed and thus bought the gun to kill himself and insisted

Official The Bowfather shirt

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that he only bought that gun for him for protection because Official The Bowfather shirt there had been a burglary at the Seattle house and Cobain was scared. However, he changed his tone later and expressed his firm belief that Cobain had killed himself. Of course, the fact that Love paid for Clarson’s house rent for years may have had something to do with it. The Rome ‘’suicide’’ was no suicide at all. It was most likely a murder attempt, she poisoned Cobain with alcohol and Rophygnol, the rape drug she was addicted to and called 911 hoping however that Cobain.

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