Pennywise band 32nd anniversary 1988 2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

I was a little drunk. And high. I took my girl to strip joint. We were having a good time. Until Goliath (the bouncer) decided to start making moves on my girl. At first, she laughed him off. Then she got annoyed. Then came the why won’t you do something to make him stop Steve. I said what do you want me to do? We are in his bar. His rules. You laughed and flirted when he first started. Led him on. Now I gotta stop it? So for the next hour, he pushed the limits. Maria got up to go use the lady’s room and I saw him follow her. She came back with a crazy look on her face. I asked what he did. She said he flashed a boner at her. And tried to rub it on her. So we left. A few months prior we went to a Pantera show. We both got Pantera hoodies. I thought it was retarded that we had to have matching hoodies. Until tonight. We went home and got the hoodies.

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Pennywise band 32nd anniversary 1988 2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

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Once I saw the look in his eyes I saw the fear. And that fear was like doing a gram shot of meth. My adrenaline got the boost it needed. Don’t let me get confidant during a fight. Confidence and fear with a lot of adrenaline are a toxic combo for me. So I wore that fool out with the cattle prod. Kicked him in the face a few times and left. Once outside it hit me. My confidence was gone. I knew if he shook it off I was fucked. So we ran. Ran about 4 miles to her house. Ya man. I was scared. I raise my hand to that one. But for a few minutes that night, nobody could fuck with me.

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