I run on caffeine Pitbull hair and cuss words shirt

And just for the small size and not enough power of pitbullterrier dogs, they are way more than useless to go for hunting beasts like Tiger. Pitbulls are great warrior among dogs, because they mix agility, speed, power and other characteristics which can be used in dog vs dog fight. Choose spine, head or rib cadge, there is no place the pit if get hitten by the paw with claws will not be in death leading injury or right away death. I believe that if pitbull or any other dog will get the rib cage crushed and the ribs will go through inner organs will cause inner bleeding and inevitable death. First thanks for your upvotes. I wšould love to ask everybody to read through comment section, there is pretty heat between people who think pitbull is better and stronger, tougher and whatever than God and me.

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I run on caffeine Pitbull hair and cuss words shirt

On the other side, there is a couple coments from people who I assume are from India or near to that location and have a bigger clue than some Americans who has seen tiger on the picture in encyclopedia. I guess there is no way how dog of that size can make a enough deep bite to the spot which can kill the tiger. The fur is pretty thick and lets dont lie to ourselves the 4 strongest teeth in pitbull jaw will be around 1,5 inch long top,do you feel it is enough to make a tiger bleed on places such as neck or so? Yes,he can bleed,but this kind of wound is not enough to make him even slightly wounded. And to compare, it is a feline,so there is an intense difference in strong even in scale and dont forget that claws are sharp and long that they can destroy hard tree bark.

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