San Francisco GIants 2020 the one where they were quarantined shirt

I know girls who wear very short skirts, some are barely there. I don’t but I don’t judge. I think if you wear them though it’s for attention. I’ve been to parties where easier girls have them so short you can see half the bum and if they bend over or anything you can see their underwear. They’re the girls who want lots of boys and do stuff that people think is slutty. (Like letting lots of boys do stuff at parties).

What would Katie Hopkins do shirt

Tiger King Make America Exotic again shirt

This is my happy place shirt

The chains on my mood swing just snapped run shirt

That woman from Michigan shirt

San Francisco GIants 2020 the one where they were quarantined shirt

Penguin is my spirit animal shirt

Joe Exotic Here kitty kitty shirt

Jesus saves everyone else roll for damage vintage shirt

I was social distancing before it was cool shirt

Hello Kitty Fus Ro Meow shirt

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And like a good neighbor stay over there #socialdistancing 2020 shirt

America strong flag shirt

#Orlando united shirt

Years ago a friend who knew I had a truck asked me if I’d help her move to a new apartment. I said yes and went over to her home expecting to find stacks of boxes set to go. Not a one, she wanted everyone she invited to spend the day packing up and moving her belongings. Regardless of how high your salary is now, you might be investing less than people back at home, because there is no compulsory investment schemes in the region. Whereas, back home, the taxes partly pay for that

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