Save a horse ride a beard vintage shirt

sinning (as in going against what is good) would be an irrelevent concept for any god to instill if it was inherently evil and unforgivable. besides that, where ever you were born might mean you wouldnt know what ‘sinning’ was if you are not taught and yoy may do it unknowungly but with no evil intent, would it be justice to condemn the person for actions they did not know were wrong in the same way that those who disobeyed what they knew to be right? or how about one wrong action but many many right ones versus a lifetime of wrong doing? what of those who are sorry for harm in comparison to thise who are not or enjoyed it? how would it be in line with justice as in fair consequences for choices or actions which have and are committed in varying degrees and extent of seriousness, harm, regret, time,

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