Shut up liver you’re fine Gnomie Irish Beer St. Patrick’s Day shirt

Did my basic in San Antonio Texas Lackland Shut up liver you’re fine Gnomie Irish Beer St. Patrick’s Day shirt Air Force Base it was hot during the days you could top 100 I was there in August but at night it could drop down I’d say into the 60s with a 40° spread it made it very uncomfortable if you didn’t dress correctly the Air Force had us going out in the morning 6 o’clock where is our field jackets on for a 2 mile run after breakfast you didn’t even want your field shirt buttoned up all the way oh by the way the air force runs a colored flag system if I can’t remember the colors but it certain point we weren’t allowed to be out on the parade field our drill instructors Had to take us inside to work I forgot it was in the 60s we didn’t have air condition Barricks. The sport grew in popularity with the Sexual Tyrannosaurus Logo Predator shirt British Army and British tea planters in India becoming regular players. Attention soon turned to their polo playing kit with traditional attire of the time consisting of thick, long sleeved shirts made of cotton. Unhappy with these uncomfortable shirts, they attached their collars to their shirts with buttons to stop them flapping while galloping on the field. The sport was introduced into England in 1862.The exact origin of the polo shirt is unknown, but its widely recorded début came in the late 19th century in the birthplace of Polo – Manipur, India. After British Soldiers witnessed a match while stationed in Manipur, they set up the first polo club of its time.

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Sexual Tyrannosaurus Logo Predator shirt
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Shut up liver you’re fine Gnomie Irish Beer St. Patrick’s Day shirt


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He was wearing shorts, flipglops, a Shut up liver you’re fine Gnomie Irish Beer St. Patrick’s Day shirt t-shirt, and had a tooth brush and a shaving kit.because i was from mochigan, i was wearing longjond, jeans, a long sleeve t -shirt, a sweat shirt, and had 2 extra pair of socks the jackey, a pair or wool sockd a insulated light jacket. I gave him the long johns, a pair of wool socks, and my sweat shirt. It was a good thing i did, as we arrived about 03 :00 thursday, and wore those cloths till monday morning. Even still he did get sick, and it took about 7–10 days to recover. While it was rrue we either threw the clothes and other things we brought with us, or shipped it home, there was no promises that we’d get issused clothes as soon as we arrived. Oh, the barreks we were in, had no heat at all, and the hot water was tepid at best.they did find us blankets, 3 each,but nomattresses of pillow cases or sheets. Welcome to great lakes in winter, recruits.

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