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Once Bhishma, Karna, Duryodhana and other Kuru warriors imprisoned his nephew Samba. When they refused to free Samba after a polite request, Balarama summoned his plough and in extreme anger started to drag the entire city of Hastinapura towards Yamuna river. The Kuru warriors fearing the wrath of Balarama set Samba free. Arjuna performed extraordinary deeds. He defeated Indra and other gods in a battle. He killed the invincible Nivatakavacha and Kalakeya demons during his time in Indra’s abode.

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Skeleton pilot social distance warrior shirt

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He was an excellent strategist of Vyuhas (military formations). He arranged the Kourava troops in the inpenetrable Chakra Vyuha (constant rotating circular formation) on the 13th day of Kurukshetra war in an attempt to capture Yudhishthira and win the war. He fought well in most of the days but was invincible on the 14th day. He defeated major Kuru warriors like Drona, Karna, Shalya, Duryodhana, Ashwatthama, Kripa and Kritavarma on the 14th day.

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