Someone ate a bat now I can’t wipe my butt shirt

I just want to make it clear that you should do what you want Someone ate a bat now I can’t wipe my butt shirt. But that doesn’t mean you get to force others to go along with you. And it’s not hateful if they don’t go along with you. I have to need to speak of Nazis or anti-vaxxers with a pronoun, I can muster the basic human decency to use the ones they prefer, hopefully as I’m escorting them away from harming others. Rice Tracy regardless of pronouns was talking about referring to people in a way they want to be referred to. Are you willing to do it for everyone and for everything or is that outside of your compliance boundaries?

I’m celebrating Merriam-Webster’s addressing the pronoun issue. You don’t get to change my Someone ate a bat now I can’t wipe my butt shirt. And you’re actually not that great of a troll. More like a gnat than a mosquito. We don’t need to coddle everyone’s delusions, especially at the expense of a very useful plural pronoun. Half of these bigots complaining can’t figure out the right your/you’re to use anyway. Keep on ignoring the dictionary and the rules of grammar; it’s easier to know which comments to scroll right past that way.  The Angry Ones here don’t understand that dictionaries are observers of a language, not its arbiters. The dictionary is merely stating how our language is changing, as all languages do, constantly.

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