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Let us say two people rob your house. You catch hold of one person and the other person gets away. Imagine the robber saying, ‘Where were you when the other guy broke the doors of your house? What were you doing when he opened your briefcase? Why are you catching me but not catching him? It is probably natural for a robber to say this, just like it will be a natural response of a politician to blame another party when he is criticized. But when we give the same kind of rebuttals, it is similar to the house owner supporting a robber, forgetting the reality that the only intention the robber had was to rob his house. Ever thought about this?

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Statue of Libba shirt

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I read an answer where a person wrote, ‘We cannot wait until every person in the nation is fed. This is a proud moment of India’… Really? The person who wrote it probably never experienced the pain of hunger. There is no nation without people. If people are hungry, it means that the nation is hungry. It means that your family members are hungry. What India need today is the Proactive government which would be rational enough in their actions and implementation so that though their motive could be anything(vote bank or welfare) but outcome should be such that is satisfying to those governed; especially the youth on whose endorsement it was able come to the power.


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