Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt

Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt

My grandmother was much wiser than the Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt. My grandma encouraged me to read the Bible. She told me it was the best book to read because it taught me right from wrong. The Bible says to love everybody but it does not tell me I have to agree with people who choose to follow a path that is not acceptable to God. I pray to God every night that people should love all people and for God to work through us so we can tell others what the Bible says about being gay. It is not acceptable and this short story was written by someone who needs to know what God says. Mae Bishop, I am sorry you feel that way about the greatest book ever written. So much love and so many lessons on what is right from wrong.

Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Stewart Letterkenny retro Hoodie
Stewart Letterkenny retro Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Stewart Letterkenny retro Sweater
Stewart Letterkenny retro V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

Offical Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt

People who know about the Stewart Letterkenny retro shirt and make decisions to not read it or live by it are usually fearful of it. They feel if they mock it or make fun of it that they can live any way they want. It is your choice to take that path. Sad story it uses a situation about love and family to get your attention, then share a story that is not Biblically correct. We are to love unconditionally, but not in the bonds of two flesh becoming one. Man is not to lie with the man, or woman with woman. Loving everyone is not the same as accepting all actions, choices, and behaviors.

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