Strong woman Assuming i am just an old nurse was your first mistake shirt

I paid the mortgage every month for years. I got pregnant with my son and one night, husband didn’t come home from the bar. It was 5 AM and he still wasn’t home. I called and called and called but nothing. He finally walked in about noon and said he’d fallen asleep at his cousin’s house. I didn’t believe him and found out much later he was with some woman. He never told me who it was. Our son was born and I was still at home. Still being made to feel guilty for what I believed In, working harder than he ever did at any job. He just didn’t get it. There were many affairs had by this man.

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Strong woman Assuming i am just an old nurse was your first mistake shirt

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One Christmas I got a call from a woman with an upper-class British accent. Her 8-year-old nephew stuttered and his speech clinic, at their local university, used a delayed auditory feedback (DAF) device made by my company. Her nephew could only go to therapy once a week so the SLP recommended that the family buy a device to use at home every day. She wanted the device shipped to Miami, where she was on vacation. We talked about the boy’s therapy and his speech for 45 minutes. I have these conversations every day.

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